Download Materials

We are excited that you are interested in the bringing the Pledge to End Racism to your community. Depending on where you are in the process, we have four options for you to select from below.

  • Program Guide is for those ready to offer a Living the Pledge Workshop and would like to purchase the workshop curriculum. There are suggested donation amounts based on the size of the organization/church.
  • Workshop Introduction & Sample is a free download for those who would like a little more information about the workshop before committing.
  • Partnership Introduction is a free resource that explains what it means to partner with the National Pledge to End Racism Initiative.
  • Partnership Renewal is for those congregations and groups who have already become a partner with us in this work (and have had access to Pledge materials in the past) and would like to renew their partnership for another year.
  • Pledge Program Guide

    This guide is your access to all of the materials we have prepared to help you begin and maintain a Pledge movement in your community. It includes information to help you get organized along with an annotated list of materials that link to everything you need to offer the Living the Pledge Workshop. 

    Suggested Donations:
    $500 – large congregation/organization | $250 – mid-sized congregation/organization | $150 – small congregation/organization

  • Workshop Sample


    We know it can be hard to commit to something sight unseen, and so we are providing a free sample of the Living the Pledge to End Racism Workshop curriculum. It includes an overview of the workshop, suggested formats for offering the 6 modules, as well as the complete leader and small group facilitator guide for Module 2: Recognizing and Confronting Bias.

  • Partnership Introduction


    A big picture view of the Pledge initiative and what partners can expect from joining the movement. Includes a brief history of the Pledge to End Racism.

    This is also a useful document to share with other faith communities or organizations with whom you wish to collaborate in spreading the Pledge in your community.

  • Partner Renewal

    Suggested donation: $100.00 for 1 year

    After becoming a NPERI Partner and purchasing the Partner Guide, we encourage you to become a continuing supporter of our efforts in the years to follow. A yearly donation of $100 will continue to give you notice of updates or additions to any of the Living the Pledge Workshop curriculum and other materials to support your Pledge initiative, though we will gratefully receive any donation amount.